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Instructor/Student Agreement


Scope of the agreement:

     This is an agreement between the Instructor, Student (or parent of) and the Glens Falls Music Academy for the scheduling, payment, and completion of music lessons in the GFMA master calendar.  Please keep in mind Instructors are not GFMA employees and set their own rates and schedules for music instruction.

1) Scheduling of lessons

     The scheduling of lessons will take place with the Glens Falls Music Academy for specific dates and times. If desired dates and times are available and agreed upon by all parties, payment is due at that time in order for lessons to be placed in the master schedule. Once lesson times are paid for and reserved, they are non-refundable. Please be sure to keep record of your upcoming appointments!

2) Payment for lessons

     Payment for lessons is arranged between the Student (or parent of) and the GFMA Bookkeeping Service working on behalf of the instructor. If paying for lessons by check, be sure to make payable directly to the instructor, not the GFMA.

     Recurring or weekly lessons are paid for monthly and payment is due at the last lesson of the month, in order to reserve your weekly time slot for the next/upcoming month. New students beginning in the middle of the month will have their payments prorated.
All monies paid for lessons in the coming month are non-refundable once the appointments have been committed to the master schedule.

3) Missed/Skipped Lessons

     Missed/Skipped lessons are very strongly discouraged and inconsiderate to the Instructor, the Glens Falls Music Academy and other students who could have used the time. Any vacations, sporting events, school trips, family events or other obligations should be considered when scheduling lessons for the upcoming month (see #1).

     Due to severe circumstances or emergencies, makeup lessons may be a possibility at the discretion of the Instructor and the GFMA. If available, the Instructor will find a time within the month that is agreeable for all three parties and schedule another lesson. If this lesson is also skipped, missed or cancelled, no further make ups will be offered and the lesson fee will be forfeited by the student.