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The Little Maestro Class Structure

     Every age group has the same format in order to develop a sense of structure and routine. Each class starts with a “hello” and “attendance” song. By doing so, students will know what to expect and alleviate any jitters while gaining vocal independence.

     Next, it’s time for movement and bean bag activities! The movement songs get the kids up and dancing while practicing gross motor skills, crossing the midline, and

spatial awareness. The bean bags also add a sense of team activities!

     After we’ve moved and danced, it’s time to learn some of the rhythm instruments! Ranging in difficulty for each age group, students will begin to explore different instruments (i.e., tambourines, shakers, etc). From the simplest activities of playing with the rhythm sticks to composing their own rhythm composition, each

age group will work on a sense of meter, beat, and instrumental accompaniment.

     Now, its time to sing! Using simple melodies, pitch and repertoire develop as well as vocabulary. Many songs involve white board activities adding another component of cognitive skills.

     Next, it’s story time! From songs about “5 Little Pumpkins”, to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” - there’s a book for that! Theses stories help the children wind down from the excitement of music class while reinforcing different topics addressed during the lesson.
     Lastly, it’s time to say goodbye. Students get a chance to strum the ukulele and say goodbye to their friends until next time...

Class Information:

      Semester fee:  ---

      Class Dates: (TBD - Fall 2019)

      Age groupings:

         2 y/o:          9:00 -   9:45 

         3 - 4 y/o:  10:00 - 10:45

         4 - 6 y/o:  11:00 - 11:45

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