Glens Falls Music Academy

Lessons - Recording - Retail - Rental

Lessons - Recording - Retail - Rental

Lessons - Recording - Retail - RentalLessons - Recording - Retail - Rental

Host Your Studio @ the GFMA

     At the Glens Falls Music Academy, our goal is to give you a clean, professional, well-equipped facility in which to run your studio without the limitations and disruptions usually found in your home, apartment or school. We will gladly help handle your students’ schedules to keep your studio as full and smooth-running as possible while offering equipment, supplies and other benefits to keep music education - not administration - your main focus.

Here, you won't find:

  • Early arrivals interrupting lessons or sitting unsupervised in another room. 
  • Family members, roommates or pets coming, going or interrupting.
  • The need to clean up before students arrive.
  • Neighbors to complain about the sound.
  • Phones or doors to answer - we do it for you while you teach!

Additional amenities to help make you and your students comfortable:

  • Attended waiting room/reception area
  • Wi-Fi access & networked printer
  • Piano, Acoustic Guitar, full length mirror, stereo system, Manhasset music stands, and a metronome/tuner in every  room
  • Guitars, Basses and Amplifiers (leave your axe at home!)
  • Plenty of pencils and manuscript paper
  • Current NYSSMA manuals
  • Books & materials that your students need in stock and ready to go!