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Lessons - Recording - Retail - RentalLessons - Recording - Retail - Rental

Planet First, Music Second.

    Since our opening in 2007, minimizing our carbon footprint has been a top priority.  Most customers and community members are unaware of the measures we've been taking since the beginning, so here are a couple of high points:

  • All sanitary paper products (tissues, paper towels, bathroom tissue) as well as manuscript and copy/printer paper are comprised of the highest post-consumer recycled content available.
  • For lighting, air conditioning, and all of our energy hungry recording equipment, we have always obtained 100% renewable Hydroelectric, Wind & Biomass sources to supply our electricity needs.

    In the summer of 2018, we went even further to replace all 131 light bulbs facility-wide with LED to cut average energy usage for the year by over 30%.

    We think it's important for our customers, clients and students to understand that when they spend their money here, we use it as responsibly as we can with all of us (and those yet to be) in mind.  Does it cost more to do this?  Yes.  But it's the right thing to do.